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Hi we hope you find all the information you require within our website but we are always open to suggestions on how to improve please contact us with your comments .

Please checkout our picture page for match bookings Please note we do not do day tickets we are a match fishery only










PEG FEES ARE  £10.00 per peg 

LAKE RECORD SMASHED In an open match on 28th July 2018 ON PEG 12 by Kevin Clarke WITH 349lb 12oz BIG WELL DONE FROM BARRY AND MANDY



18th June 20221st 60lb 13lb 2nd 45lb 3rd 17lb 8oz 



17th April 33lb 8oz 2nd 29lb 14oz 3rd 26lb 12oz 

26th June 2022 1st 56lb 6oz 2nd 31lb 14oz 3rd 26lb 11oz 

24th July 2022 1st 85lb 4oz 2nd 79lb 2oz 3rd 52lb 8oz 

25th June 2023 1st 70lb 14oz 2nd 69lb 10oz 3rd 59lb 12oz

23rd July 2023 1st 66lb 6oz 2nd 62lb 14oz 3rd 53lb 12oz 


1st September 2018 1st 134lb 2nd 61lb 8oz 3rd 53lb 4oz 


13th October 2018 1st 147lb 12oz 2nd 112lb 12oz 3rd 106lb 14oz 


22nd august 2015 1st 64lb 2nd 56lb 3rd 53lb 14oz £650.00 raised

22nd September 2018 1st 107lb 10oz 2nd 95lb 8oz 3rd 71lb 


22nd may 2011 1st 41lb 8oz 2nd 23lb 6.5oz 3rd 20lb 6oz

21st aug 2011 1st 41lb 2oz 2nd 33lb 13oz 3rd 33lb 5oz

4th sept 2011 1st 73lb 3oz 2nd 36lb 10oz 3rd 27lb 8oz

13th may 2012 1st 33lb 9oz 2nd 31lb 10oz 3rd 29lb 13oz

15th july 2012 1st 62lb 4oz 2nd 49lb 2oz 3rd 42lb 4oz

11th nov 2012 1st 60lb 6oz 2nd 51lb 15oz 3rd 36lb 5oz

13th jan 2013 1st 35lb 4oz 2nd 18lb 8oz 3rd 12lb 3oz

17th feb 2013 1st 44lb 5oz 2nd 16lb 9oz 3rd 12lb 12oz

10th march 2013 1st 22lb 3oz 2nd 13lb 3oz 3rd 7lb 4oz

7th april 2013 1st 21lb 10oz 2nd 13lb 1oz 3rd 11lb 12oz

12th may 2013 1st 58lb 12oz 2nd 40lb 9oz 3rd 25lb 12oz

30th june 2013 1st 55lb 9oz 2nd 52lb 4oz 3rd 49lb 6oz

1st september 2013 1st 60lb 2oz 2nd 461b 3rd 43lb

3rd november 2013 1st 68lb 2nd 38lb 2oz 3rd 35lb 8oz

12th january 2014 1st 26lb 6oz 2nd 22lb 4oz 3rd 16lb 12oz

23rd febuary 2014 1st 25lb 6oz 2nd 24lb 12oz 3rd 21lb 8oz

2nd march 2014 1st 18lb 7oz 2nd 15lb 9oz 3rd 13lb 11oz

25th may 2014 1st 75lb 2nd 71lb 8oz 3rd 55lb 11oz

27th july 2014 1st 80lb 5oz 2nd 78lb 15oz 3rd 65lb 2oz

31st august 2014 1st 61lb 12oz 2nd 55lb 14oz 3rd 52lb 12oz

9th november 2014 1st 82lb 14oz 2nd 78lb 10oz 3rd 51lb 10oz

4th january 2015 1st 32lb 2oz 2nd 17lb 2oz 3rd 15lb 14oz

18th january 2015 1st 29lb 8oz 2nd 29lb 2oz 3rd 24lb 6oz

15th febuary 2015 1st 37lb 8oz 2nd 37lb 6oz 3rd 31lb 12oz

8th march 2015 1st 55lb 6oz 2nd 37lb 6oz 3rd 34lb 8oz

12thapril 2015 1st 70lb 2nd 59lb 3rd 48lb 4oz

20th september 2015 1st 104lb 14oz 2nd 96lb 14oz 3rd 88lb 10oz

13th december 2015 1st 54lb 8oz 2nd 39lb 8oz 3rd 37lb 2oz

3rd January 2016 1st 54lb 10oz 2nd 39lb 10oz 3rd 30lb 12oz

17th January 2016 1st 9lb 10oz 2nd 9lb 6oz 3rd 8lb 3oz

31st January 2016 1st 40lb 10 oz 2nd 39lb 2oz 3rd 39lb

14th February 2016 1st 32lb 3oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 3rd 26lb 14oz

6th March 2016 1st 40lb 2oz 2nd 26lb 9oz 3rd 16lb 8oz

10tg April 2016 1st 51 lb 6 oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 3rd 30lb 1oz

21st August 2016 1st 100lb 12 oz 2nd 77lb 8oz 3rd 75lb 10oz

9th October 2016 1st 80lb11oz 2nd 69lb 6oz 3rd 55lb 2oz

6th November 2016 1st 54lb 10oz 33lb12oz 3rd 33lb 7oz

18th December 2016 1st 42lb 13oz 2nd 37 lb 13oz 3rd 37lb 1oz

15th January 2017 1st 34lb 15oz 2nd 21lb 7oz 3rd 21lb

22nd January 2017 1st 17 lb 10oz 2nd 12lb 3oz 3rd 11lb 12oz

5th March 2017 1st 33lb 5 oz 2nd 31lb 4oz 3rd 30lb 7oz

9th April 2017 1st 55lb 9oz 2nd 55lb 2oz 3rd 51 lb 15 oz

7th may 2017 1st 113lb 5oz 2nd 89lb 6oz 3rd 81lb7oz

11th June 2017 1st 121lb 4oz 2nd 101lb 4oz 3rd 83lb 8oz

8th October 2017 1st 110lb 2nd 76lb 6oz 3rd 71lb 9oz

5th November 2017 1st 124lb 12oz 2nd 116lb 3rd 71lb 10oz

14th January 2018 1st 48lb 2oz 2nd 24lb 14oz 3rd 24lb 5oz

21st January 2018 1st 21lb 12oz 2nd 14lb 4oz 3rd 10lb

28th January 2018 1st 49lb 11oz 2nd 35lb 6oz 3rd 32lb 11oz

11th Febuary 2018 1st 53lb 3oz 2nd 14lb 12oz 3rd 12lb 7oz

8th April 2018 1st 62lb 8oz 2nd 54lb 1oz 3rd 44lb 8oz

6th May 2018 1st 99lb 15oz 2nd 71lb 2oz 3rd 61lb 5oz

3rd June 2018 1st 93lb 2nd 84lb 3rd 81lb 8oz

10th June 2018 1st 95lb 10oz 2nd 94lb 12oz 3rd 80lb 14oz

19th August 2018 1st 177lb 2oz 2nd 133lb 14oz 3rd 117lb 14oz

7th October 2018 1st 129lb 12oz 2nd 103lb 6oz 3rd 87lb 14oz

4th November 2018 1st 92lb 4oz 2nd 72lb 4oz 3rd 66lb 14oz

7th April 2019 1st 17lb 12oz 2nd 3lb 15oz 3rd 2lb 9oz

5th May 2019 1st 23lb 10oz 2nd 9lb 10oz 3rd 8lb 10oz

2nd June 2019 1st 19lb 12oz 2nd 18lb 8oz 3rd 17lb 10oz

9th June 2019 1st 13lb 10oz joint 2nd 4lb 10oz

12th January 2020 1st 26lb 8oz 2nd 14lb 8oz 3rd 12lb 12oz

19th January 2020 1st 40lb 6oz 2nd 21lb 15oz 3rd 19lb 4oz 

26th January 2020 1st 41lb 2nd 23lb 8oz 3rd 11lb 7oz 

1st March 2020 1st 46lb 2oz 2nd 12lb 13oz 3rd 11lb 4oz

7th June 2020 1st 34lb 6oz 2nd 23 lb 14oz 3rd 15lb 13oz

4th October 2020 1st 20lb 8oz 2nd 16lb 2oz 3rd 14lb 10oz 

1st November 2020 1st 35lb 8oz 2nd 16lb 12oz 3rd 15lb 8oz

4th April 2021 1st 16lb 8oz 2nd 13lb 10oz 3rd 13lb 2oz

11th April 2021 1st 19lb 2oz 2nd 18lb 14oz 3rd 14lb 2oz 25th

25th April 2021 1st 17lb 8oz 2nd 16lb 2oz 3rd 15lb 10oz 

2nd May 2021 1st 35lb 8oz 2nd 16lb 12oz 3rd 15lb 8oz 

30th May 2021 1st 36lb 8oz 2nd 29lb 4oz 3rd 26lb 

6th June 20211st 31lb 6oz 2nd 7lb 3oz 3rd 7lb

1st August 2021 1st 60lb 12oz 2nd 44lb 8oz 3rd 44lb

15th August 2021 70lb 4oz 2nd 45lb 14oz 3rd 37lb 8oz

26th September 2021 1st 52lb 6oz 2nd 35lb 2oz 3rd 33lb 6oz 

3rd October 1st 66lb 12oz 2nd 43lb 3rd 35lb 6oz 

31st October 1st 28lb 6oz 2nd 16lb 10oz 3rd 14lb 14oz 

12th December 2021 1st 17lb 9oz 2nd 17lb 6oz 3rd 7lb 5oz 

17th January 2022 1st 27lb 5oz 2nd 17lb 4oz 3rd 11lb 15oz 

23rd January 2022 1st 15lb 1oz 2nd 13lb 6oz 3rd 9lb 15oz 

30th January 2022 1st 32lb 1oz 2nd 20lb 3rd 14lb 10oz 

27th Febuary 2022 1st 19lb 6oz 2nd 5lb 2oz 3rd 4lb

10th April 2022 29lb 10oz 2nd 25lb 4oz 3rd 21lb 4oz 

24th April 2022 1st 26lb 2oz 2nd 18lb 2oa 3rd 18lb

1st may 2022 1st 34lb 8oz 2nd  34lb 7oz 3rd 21lb 11oz 

29th May 2022 1st 37lb 2nd 36lb 6oz 3rd 23lb 10oz 

5th June 2022 1st 64lb 10 oz 2nd 17lb 8oz 3rd 10lb 

31sy July 2022 1st 58lb 8oz 2nd 36lb 6oz 3rd 36lb 

14th August 2022 1st 76lb 6oz 2nd 61lb 14oz 3rd 40lb 

25th september 2022 1st 41lb 2oz 2nd 36lb 3rd 33lb 2oz 

2nd october 2022 1st 36lb 12oz 2nd 32lb 10oz 3rd 32lb 26999

30th october 2022 1st 31lb 14oz 2nd 30lb 3rd 29lb 

27 November 2022 1st 31lb 2nd 28lb 3rd 19lb 8oz 

15th January 2023 1stb 26lb 2nd 12lb 3rd 9lb 4oz 29

29th January 2023 1st 8lb 8oz joint 2nd 8lb 2oz 3rd 7lb 5oz

26th Febuary 2023 1st 23lb 4oz 2nd 19lb 15oz  3rd 11lb 9oz 

9th April 20023 1st 36lb 10oz 2nd 27lb 14oz 3rd 26lb 10oz 

23rd April 2023 1st 53lb 9oz 2nd 44lb 6oz 3rd 44lb 6oz 

30th April 2023 1st 46lb 2nd 36lb 4oz 3rd 24lb 10oz 

28th May 2023 1st 41lb 2nd 30lb 2oz 3rd 19lb 8oz 

4th June 2023 1st 75lb 2nd 72lb 8oz 3rd 35lb 10oz 

30th July 2023 1st 65lb 8oz 2nd 55lb 2oz 3rd 52lb 9oz 


14th september 2014 1st 63lb 6oz (m) 2nd 51lb 2oz (m) 3rd 46lb (d)

D 182lb 3oz M 274lb 10oz

8th may 2016 1st 69lb (m) 2nd 60lb (d) 3rd 49lb 4oz (m)

D 337lb 4oz M 200lb 2oz 


12th june 2011 1st 38lb 6oz 2nd 21lb 8oz 3rd 15lb 2oz

19th august 2012 1st 44lb 2nd 34lb 11oz 3rd 30lb 6oz

28th april 2013 1st 29lb 10oz 2nd 28lb 6oz 3rd 25lb 10oz

8th june 2014 booked in but did not show

21st April 2019 1st 19lb 10oz 2nd 13lb 15 oz 3rd 6lb 14oz

16th June 2019 club cancelled


5th march 2023 1st 28lb 4oz 2nd 15lb 8oz 3rd 13lb 4oz

21st May 2023 1st 65lb 12oz 2nd 48lb 6oz 3rd 33lb 12oz 


2nd oct 2011 1st 60lb 2oz 2nd 34lb 3rd 30lb

20th nov 2011 1st 34lb 14oz 2nd 21lb 8oz 3rd 16lb 4oz

8th jan 2012 1st 24lb 2nd 20lb 3rd 13lb 14oz

8th april 2012 1st 41lb 4oz 2nd 27lb 8oz 3rd 22lb 6oz

6th may 2012 1st 32lb 1oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 3rd 31lb

1st july 2012 1st 73lb 2oz 2nd 52lb 3oz 3rd 48lb 7oz

30th september 2012 1st 68lb 12oz 2nd 35lb 15oz 3rd 30lb 7oz

2nd december 2012 1st 46lb 12oz 2nd 44lb 13oz 3rd 23lb 13oz

3rd march 2013 1st 41lb 10oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 3rd 25lb 6oz

26th may 2013 1st 43lb 2oz 2nd 40lb 11oz 3rd 31lb 6oz

16th june 2013 1st 34lb 15oz 2nd 30lb 1oz 3rd 25lb 13 oz

22nd september 2013 1st 59lb 8oz 2nd 47lb 8oz 3rd 46lb 5oz

16th febuary 2014 1st 26lb 15oz 2nd 23lb 2oz 3rd 9lb 12oz

18th may 2014 1st 124lb 9oz 2nd 72lb 9oz 3rd 41lb 3oz

22nd june 2014 1st 135lb 10oz 2nd 84lb 12oz 3rd 63lb 7oz

21st september 2014 1st 103lb 1oz 2nd 89lb 14oz 3rd 67lb 12oz

1st march 2015 1st 32lb 14oz 2nd 28lb 3rd 24lb 8oz

7th june 2015 1st 154lb 13oz 2nd 122lb 7oz 3rd 98lb 11oz

27th september 2015 1st 99lb 14oz 2nd 79lb 11oz 3rd 56lb 11oz

27th March 2016 1st 65lb 12oz 2nd 49lb 11 oz 3rd 45lb 1oz

17th April 2016 1st 56lb 2nd 55lb 10oz 3rd 43lb 13oz

29th may 2016 1st 106lb 3 oz 2nd 100lb 5oz 3rd 89lb 7oz

31st July 2016 1st 123lb 15oz 2nd 104lb 4oz 3rd 100lb

27th November 2016 1st 67lb 11oz 2nd 55lb 7oz 3rd 27lb 4oz

26th March 2017 1st 58lb 14oz 2nd 52lb 2oz 3rd 48lb 10oz

16th April 2017 1st 75lb 6oz 2nd 68lb 3rd 60lb 11oz

28th may 2017 1st 160lb 14oz 2nd 136lb 3rd 113lb 6oz

30th July 2017 1st 175lb 6oz 2nd 134lb 3rd 112lb 8oz

25th March 2018 1st 80lb 9oz 2nd 58lb 3rd 54lb 6oz

27th May 2018 1st 119lb 11oz 2nd 118lb 9oz 3rd 113lb 3oz

15th April 2018 1st 162lb 3oz 2nd 95lb 10oz 3rd 66lb

29th July 2018 1st 200lb 10oz 2nd 128lb 3rd 114lb 15oz

14th April 2019 club did not show

26th May 2019 club cancelled 


23rd oct 2011 1st 32lb 8oz 2nd 18lb 14oz 3rd 11lb 12oz

10th june 2012 1s 37lb 4oz 2nd 34lb 5oz 3rd 26lb 4oz

29th july 2012 1st 46lb 20z 2nd 32lb 15oz 3rd 30lb 12oz

9th june 2013 1st 46lb 10oz 2nd 33lb 3oz 3rd 31lb 5oz

28th july 2013 1st 64lb 2oz 2nd 60lb 1oz 3rd 45lb 14oz

16th october 2013 1st 91lb 2nd 51lb 12oz 3rd 44lb 4oz

29th june 2014 1st 55lb 1oz 2nd 32lb 11oz 3rd 32lb 5oz

20th july 2014 1st 84lb 2nd 70lb 1oz 3rd 66lb 7oz

16th august 2014 1st 108lb 13oz 2nd 96lb 15oz 3rd 77lb 6oz

20th august 2014 1st 89lb 9oz 2nd 58lb 9oz 3rd 53lb

28th june 2015 1st 95lb 2oz 2nd 82lb 10oz 3rd 81lb 10oz

26th july 2015 1st 111lb 5oz 2nd 102lb 14oz 3rd 96lb 13oz

16TH august 2015 1st 86lb 1oz 2nd 66lb 3oz 3rd 62lb 15oz

26th June 2016 1st 162lb 6oz 2nd 99lb 6oz 3rd 93lb 13oz

24th July 2016 1st 188lb 11oz 2nd 95 lb 3 oz 3rd 81lb 3oz

28th August 2016 1st 163lb 5oz 2nd 95lb 3oz 3rd 68lb 7oz

25th June 2017 1st 157lb 2oz 2nd 104 lb 6oz 3rd 102lb 13oz

23rd july 2017 1st 341lb 6oz 2nd 149lb 15oz 3rd 132lb 7oz

3rd December 2017 1st 195lb 4oz 2nd 160lb 1oz 3rd 118lb 14oz

20th June 2018 1st 232lb 10oz 2nd 127lb 9oz 3rd 119lb 2oz

24th June 2018 1st 156lb 3oz 2nd 145lb 10oz 3rd 133lb 2oz

22nd July 2018 1st 346lb 2nd 185lb 15oz 3rd 164lb 12oz

26th August 2018 1st 318lb 5oz 2nd 149lb 14oz 3rd 142lb 11oz

19th September 2018 1st 245lb 9oz 2nd 153lb 14oz 3rd 142lb 5oz

7th November 2018 1st 60lb 12oz 2nd 35lb 3oz

21st July 2019 1st 29lb 8oz 2nd 24lb 15oz 3rd 22lb 13oz

21st June 2020 1st 30lb 4oz 2nd 25lb 7oz 3rd 21lb 1oz

20th June 2021 1st 35lb 4oz 2nd 35lb 3rd 34lb 

18th July 2021 1st 33lb 14oz 2nd 33lb 2oz 3rd 24lb 4oz 

10th August 2021 1st57lb 8oz 2nd 52lb 4oz 3rd 44lb 4oz

7th June 2022 1st 29lb 14oz 2nd 29lb 3rd 25lb 8oz 

3rd July 2022 1st 65lb 6oz 2nd 47lb 14oz 3rd 41lb 

16th August 2022 1st 85lb 14oz 2nd 51lb 4oz 3rd 45lb 8oz 

6 december 2022 1st 43lb 2nd 20lb 3rd 26lb 14 oz 

20th december 2022 1st 16lb 11 oz 2nd 6lb 14 oz 3rd 2lb 6 oz 

3rd january 2023 1st 26lb 12 oz 2nd 19lb 2 oz 3rd 18lb 6 oz 

6th June 2023 1st 43lb 2oz 2nd 41lb 4oz 3rd 30lb 8oz 

2nd July 2023 1st 42lb 14oz 2nd 40lb 12oz 3rd 36lb 8oz 

16th July 2023 1st 74lb 8oz 2nd 64lb 14oz 3rd 48lb 2oz


24th march 2012 1st 14lb 12oz 2nd 12lb 14oz 3rd 11lb 4oz

6th october 2012 1st 31lb 12oz 2nd 24lb 3rd 17lb1oz

10th august 2013 1st 22lb 11oz 2nd 18lb 12oz 3rd 16lb

9th august 2014 1st 156lb 9oz 2nd 67lb 14oz 3rd 49lb 6oz

25th april 2015 1st 88lb 6oz 2nd 70lb 2oz 3rd 61lb 4oz

1st aughust 2015 1st 131lb 14oz 2nd 87lb 14lb 3rd 69lb 14oz

28th may 2016 1st 130lb 2oz 2nd 129lb 8oz 3rd 110lb2oz

6th August 2016 1st 88lb 10oz 2nd 65lb 4oz 3rd 62lb

27th may 2017 1st 64lb 2nd 57lb 3rd 56lb 6oz

5th August 2017 1st 125lb 10oz 2nd 106lb 8oz 3rd 82lb 12oz

26th May 2018 155lb 2oz 2nd 82 lb 14oz 3rd 75lb 12oz

4th August 2018 1st 111lb 10oz 2nd 111lb 6oz 3rd 64lb 2oz

25th May 2019 1st 50lb 6oz 2nd 48lb 8oz 3rd 23lb 10oz

3rd August 2019 1st 83lb 4oz 2nd 34lb 10oz 3rd 24lb 12oz

8th May 2021 1st 26lb 2nd 16lb 7oz 3rd 15lb 14oz 25th 

31st July 2021 126lb 13oz 2nd 41lb 4oz 3rd 34lb 10oz

7th May 2022 1st 30lb 12oz 2nd 27lb 8oz 3rd 26lb 

30th July 2022 1st 89lb 2nd 35lb 12oz 3rd 33lb 

7th May 2023 1st 51lb 2nd 34lb 4oz 3rd 34lb 4oz 

29th July 2023 1st 60lb 8oz 2nd 57lb 6oz 3rd 49lb 4oz 


1st april 2012 1st 28lb 4oz 2nd 17lb 3rd 14lb 4oz

31st march 2013 1st 16lb 6oz 2nd 8lb 4oz 3rd 2lb 10oz

30th march 2014 1st 43lb 1oz 2nd 33lb 4oz 3rd 32lb 14oz

4th april 2015 1st 60lb 6oz 2nd 50lb 12oz 3rd 49lb 10oz

2nd April 2016 1st 50lb 6oz 2nd 36lb 4oz 3rd 35 lb 1oz

1st April 2017 1st 89lb 4 oz 2nd 52lb 12oz 3rd 44lb 13oz

31st March 2018 1st 45lb 4oz 2nd 44lb 5oz 3rd 40lb 8oz 


26th may 2012 1st 53lb 8oz 2nd 28lb 9oz 3rd 22lb 8oz

24th febuary 2013 1st 29lb 8oz 2nd 26lb 12oz 3rd 25lb 2oz

3rd august 2013 1st 50lb 8oz 2nd 33lb 3rd 23lb 13oz

9th november 2013 1st 25lb 11oz 2nd 20lb 3oz 3rd 17lb 13oz

26th april 2014 1st 34lb 13oz 2nd 21lb 5oz 3rd 20lb 6oz

27th september 2014 1st 43lb 12oz 2nd 41lb 5oz 3rd 40lb

21st febuary 2015 1st 28lb 15oz 2nd 26lb 3oz 3rd 22lb 14oz

10th october 2015 1st 58lb 10oz 2nd 49lb 10oz 3rd 44lb 15oz

27th August 2016 1st 35b 2nd 30lb 3rd 25lb

19th November 2016 1st 91lb 8oz 2nd 30lb 8oz 3rd 29lb

18march 2017 1st 91lb 9oz 2nd 75lb 1oz 3rd 70lb 10oz

27th October 2018 1st 98lb 15 oz 2nd 63lb 4oz 3rd 47lb 10oz 


3rd june 2012 1st 40lb 2oz 2nd 27lb 2oz 3rd 22lb 8oz

2nd june 2013 1st 49lb 2oz 2nd 47lb 13oz 3rd 34lb 5oz

1st june 2014 1st 71lb 12oz 2nd 61lb 15oz 3rd 50lb 15oz

14th june 2015 1st 65lb 8oz 2nd 52lb 8oz 3rd 49lb 6oz

3rd July 2016 1st 83lb 12oz 2nd 68lb 4oz 56lb 4oz

12th july 2015 1st 80lb 7oz 2nd 65lb 10oz 3rd 64lb 8oz

2nd June 2017 1st 89lb 12oz 2nd 79lb 7oz 3rd 66lb 12oz

1st July 2018 1st 86lb 2nd 83lb 9oz 3rd 75lb 3oz

25th August 2018 1st 118lb 2nd 101lb 5oz 3rd 80lb

20TH November 2022 1st 47lb 2 oz 2nd 32lb 8 oz 3rd 22lb 4oz 


11th september 2011 1st 25lb 12oz 2nd 23lb 2oz 3rd 22lb 14oz

24th june 2012 1st 59lb 12oz 2nd 20lb 10oz 3rd 18lb 5oz

17th november 2013 1st 78lb 2oz 2nd 26lb 12oz 3rd 19lb 1oz

5th october 2014 1st 62lb 3oz 2nd 36lb 4oz 3rd 32lb 2oz

16th november 2014 1st 38lb 4oz 2nd 37lb 3rd 36lb

8th febuary 2015 1st 13lb 12oz 2nd 12lb 8oz 3rd 12lb 2oz

18th october 2015 1st 40lb 12oz 2nd 40lb 4oz 3rd 40lb 2oz

6th december 2015 1st 56lb 8oz 2nd 33lb 14oz 3rd 27lb 12oz

21st February 2015 1st 32lb 2nd 29lb 12oz 3rd 24lb 8oz

10th July 2016 162lb 4oz 2nd 162lb 4oz 3rd 118lb 4oz

16th October 2016 1st 106lb 2nd 45lb 4oz 3rd 39lb 10oz

11th December 2016 1st 49lb 6oz 2nd 29lb 12oz 3rd 21lb 8oz

19th Febuary 2017 122lb 6oz 2nd 39lb6oz 3rd 17lb 14 oz

9th July 2017 1st 100lb 2oz 2nd 76lb 12oz 3rd 72lb 2oz

15th October 2017 1st 164lb 8oz 2nd 76lb 8oz 3rd 68lb 8oz

8th July 2018 1st 166lb 2nd 81lb 10oz 3rd 74lb 11oz

14th October 2018 1st 176 l. 2nd 62lb 3rd 58lb 

5th July 2020 club did not show


8th july 2012 1st 41lb 12oz 2nd 29lb 3rd 26lb

7th july 2013 1st 69lb 12oz 2nd 55lb 6oz 3rd 50lb 13oz

13th july 2014 1st 65lb 7oz 2nd 57lb 9oz 3rd 49lb 4oz

4th july 2015 1st 74lb 2oz 2nd 70lb 14oz 3rd 59lb 12oz

9th July 2016 1st 74lb 12oz 2nd 64lb 4oz 3rd 62lb 8oz

8th July 2017 1st 97lb 6oz 2nd 96lb 6oz 3rd 90lb 10oz

7th July 2018 1st 134lb 4oz 2nd 118lb 2oz 3rd 95lb 4oz 

2nd July 2022 1st 54lb 12oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 19lb 4oz 

8th July 2023 1st 61lb 2nd 49lb 4oz 3rd 45lb 10oz 


12th august 2012 1st 73lb 15oz 2nd 65lb 10oz 3rd 60lb 7oz

18th november 2012 1st 68lb 3oz 2nd 38lb 11oz 3rd 19lb 9oz

10th febuary 2013 1st 35lb 3oz 2nd 17lb 1oz 3rd 12lb 15oz

11th august 2013 1st 186lb 15oz 2nd 103lb 5oz 3rd 49lb 8oz

16th march 2014 1st 57lb 7oz 2nd 39lb 11oz 3rd 24lb 4oz

15th june 2014 1st 129lb 2nd 122lb 4oz 3rd 95lb 2oz

13th september 2015 1st 184lb 8oz 2nd 177lb 8oz 3rd 67lb 6oz 


26th august 2012 1st 55lb 2nd 37lb 12oz 3rd 32lb 2oz

23rd september 2012 1st 23lb 9oz 2nd 17lb 6oz 3rd 12lb

17th march 2013 1st 20lb 8oz 2nd 15lb 8oz 3rd 9lb 14oz

19th may 2013 1st 50lb 4oz 2nd 40lb 1oz 3rd 26lb

15th september 2013 1st 50lb 2oz 2nd 50lb 3rd 40lb 8oz

20th april 2014 1st 68lb 14oz 2nd 36lb 9oz 3rd 31lb 1oz

9th july 2014 1st 69lb 4oz 2nd 39lb 3rd 36lb 14oz

29th march 2015 1st 23lb 6oz 2nd 17lb 8oz 3rd 14lb 10oz

21st june 2015 1st 48lb 2nd 44lb 3rd 42lb

9th august 2015 1st 66lb 2nd 40lb 4oz 3rd 39lb 12oz

15th november 2015 60lb 2oz 2nd 49llb 8oz 3rd 42lb 6oz

24th April 2016 1st 55lb 9oz 2nd 53lb 8oz 3rd 53lb 6oz

19th June 2016 1st 76lb 14oz 2nd 70lb 10oz 3rd 59lb

14th august2016 1st 121lb 8oz 2nd 107lb 10oz 3rd 71lb 2oz

23rd April 2017 1st 58lb 4 oz 2nd 48lb 15oz 3rd 44lb 9oz

13th August 2017 1st 141lb 4oz 2nd 79lb 3rd 77lb 10oz

25th April 2018 1st 124lb 2nd 72lb 8oz 3rd 60lb 2oz

22nd May 2018 1st 124lb 2nd 72lb 8oz 3rd 60lb 2oz 


2nd september 2012 1st 38lb 2nd 29lb 3oz 3rd 19lb

28th october 2012 1st 28lb 2nd 23lb 3oz 3rd 20lb 7oz

21st april 2013 1st 14lb 14oz 2nd 14lb 4oz 3rd 8lb 12oz

21st july 2013 1st 43lb 15oz 2nd 39lb 8oz 3rd 32lb 10oz

18th august 2013 1st 74lb 14oz 2nd 68lb 15oz 3rd 51lb 4oz

29th september 2013 1st 41lb 11oz 2nd 39lb 1oz 3rd 36lb 12oz

27th october 2013 1st 86lb 2oz 2nd 81lb 2oz 3rd 51lb 12oz

24th november 2013 1st 24lb 7oz 2nd 22lb 9oz 3rd 13lb 10oz

8th december 2013 1st 24lb 13oz 2nd 21lb 3oz 3rd 19lb 12oz

15th december 2013 1st 26lb 3oz 2nd 21lb 8oz 3rd 15lb 9oz

29th december 2013 1st 12lb 2oz 2nd 9lb 7oz 3rd 8lb 15oz

5th january 2014 1st 27lb 15oz 2nd 26lb 3rd 19lb 14oz

26th january 2014 1st 50lb 8oz 2nd 19lb 3rd 18lb 14oz 4th 17lb 15oz

9th febuary 2014 1st 24lb 4oz 2nd 18lb 12oz 3rd 17lb 8oz

15th march 2014 1st 41lb 8oz 2nd 23lb 4oz 3rd 22lb 13oz

5th april 2014 1st 38lb 7oz 2nd 32lb 8oz 3rd 29lb 10oz

21st april 2014 1st 38lb 3oz 2nd 34lb 4oz 3rd 29lb 7oz

5th may 2014 1st 44lb 3oz 2nd 43lb 5oz 3rd 34lb 11oz

17th may 2014 1st 123lb 8oz 2nd 76lb 6oz 3rd 57lb 9oz

26th may 2014 1st 61lb 6oz 2nd 55lb 4oz 3rd 39lb 14oz

7th june 2014 1st 94lb 7oz 2nd 72lb 3rd 60lb 10oz

25th august 2014 1st 62lb 4oz 2nd 46lb 3rd 43lb 2oz

2nd november 2014 1st 95lb 9oz 2nd 82lb 14oz 3rd 63lb 2oz

30th november 2014 1st 49lb 6oz 2nd 28lb 4oz 3rd 26lb 4oz

28th december 2014 1st 71lb 14oz 2nd 51lb 8oz 3rd 31lb 8oz

7th febuary 2015 1st 27lb 5oz 2nd 23lb 10oz 3rd 15lb 4oz

21st march 2015 1st 31lb 10oz 2nd 25lb 15oz 3rd 24lb 8oz

6th april 2015 1st 54lb 4oz 2nd 49lb 8oz 3rd 28lb 9oz

4th may 2015 1st 117lb 6oz 2nd 88lb 4oz 3rd 77lb 14oz

25th may 2015 1st 77lb 14oz 2nd 68lb 12oz 3rd 68lb 2oz

20th june 2015 1st 83lb 2nd 80lb 14oz 3rd 63lb 6oz

25th july 2015 1st 87lb 2oz 2nd 86lb 2oz 3rd 78lb 14oz

31st august 2015 1st 102lb 4oz 2nd 82lb 7oz 3rd 74lb 8oz

5th september 2015 1st 59lb 4oz 2nd 53lb 4oz 3rd 50lb 14oz

3rd october 2015 1st 98lb 14oz 2nd 74lb 12oz 3rd 68lb 8oz

31st october 2015 1st 76lb 7oz 2nd 75lb 1oz 3rd 73lb 9oz and

28th november 2015 1st 50lb 2oz 2nd 45lb 1oz 3rd 38lb

27th December 2015 1st 66lb 12oz 2nd 50lb 10oz 3rd 43lb 8oz

30th January 2016 1st 37lb 8oz 2nd 34lb 4oz 3rd 29lb 10 oz

27th Febuary 2016 1st 36lb 2nd 33lb 2oz 3rd 32lb 12oz

23rd April 2016 1st 53lb 8oz 2nd 53lb 1oz 3rd 51lb 4oz

2nd may 2016 1st 73lb 13oz 2nd 58lb 13oz 3rd 57lb 8oz

30th may 2016 1st 98lb 10oz 2nd 93lb 4oz 3rd 58lb 14oz

25th June 2016 1st 102lb 2oz 2nd 96lb 4oz 3rd 76lb 12oz

30th July 2016 1st 92lb 6oz 2nd 90lb 10oz 3rd 74lb 4oz

20th August 2016 1st 82lb 10oz 2nd 66lb 2oz 3rd 65lb

29th August 2016 1st 61lb 12oz 2nd 59lb 14oz 3rd 53lb 12oz

1st October 2016 1st 81lb 2oz 2nd 72 lb 10oz 3rd 69 lb 6oz

29th October 2016 1st 84lb 4oz 2nd 67lb 2oz 3rd 66lb 4oz

26th November 2016 1st 28lb 14oz 2nd 28lb 1oz 3rd 26lb 4oz

27th December 2016 1st 43lb 15oz 2nd 35lb 15oz 3rd 25lb

11th January 20171st 33lb 10oz 2nd 33lb 3rd 29lb

15 th Febuary 2017 1st 30lb 4oz 2nd 21lb 2oz 3rd 20lb 14 oz

25 th Febuary 2017 1st 57lb 4 oz 2nd 46lb 8oz 3rd 38lb 2oz

11th March 2017 1st 58lb 12oz 2nd 57lb 1oz 3rd 48lb 3oz

15th March 2017 1st 113lb 2nd 109lb 12oz 3rd 68lb 7oz

25th March 2017 1st 78lb 11oz 2nd 42lb 12oz 3rd 34lb 2oz

12th April 2017 1st 61lb 13oz 2nd 55lb 4oz 3rd 50lb 2oz

17th April 2017 1st 90lb 12oz 2nd 71lb 14oz 3rd 64lb 10oz

29th April 2017 1st 104lb 5oz 2nd 95lb 2oz 3rd 89lb 6oz

17th may 2017 1st 110lb 1oz 2nd 82lb 6oz 3rd 80lb 2oz

20th may 2017 1st 110lb 15oz 2nd 106lb 6oz 3rd 97lb 14oz

29th may 2017 1st 149lb 1oz 2nd 136lb 14oz 3rd 114lb 12oz

17th June 2017 1st 133lb 10oz 2nd 142lb 3rd 105lb 2oz

12th July 2017 1st 197lb 4oz 2nd 117lb 3rd 92lb 4oz

29th July 2017 1st 124lb 2oz 2nd 114lb 14oz 3rd 109lb 8oz

12th August 2017 1st 143lb 12oz 2nd 137lb 2oz 3rd 108lb

15th August 2017 1st 134lb 10oz 2nd 132lb 2oz 3rd 129lb 10oz

28th August 2017 1st 157lb 6oz 2nd 153lb 3rd 81lb

12th September 2017 1st 95lb 2nd 90lb 11oz 3rd 80lb11oz 2oz

30th September 2017 1st 105lb 2nd 74lb 6oz 3rd 66lb 2oz

7th October 2017 1st 163lb 8oz 2nd 125lb 10oz 3rd 92lb 14oz

10th October 2017 1st 98lb 4oz 2nd 72lb 12oz 3rd 64 lb 12oz

7th November 2017 1st 154lb 8oz 2nd 101 lb 14oz 3rd 96lb 12oz

18th November 2017 1st 42lb 14oz 2nd 38lb 3rd 32lb 6oz

6th January 2018 1st 38lb8oz 2nd 31lb 12oz 3rd

16 January 2018 1st 32lb 2nd 29lb 5oz 3rd 28lb 9oz

3rd Febuary 2018 1st 46lb 13oz 2nd 36lb 14oz 3rd 32lb 13oz

2nd April 2018 1st 107lb 2nd 46lb 3rd 45lb 6oz

21st April 2018 1st 134lb 10oz 2nd 114lb 8oz 3rd 86lb 4oz

7th May 2018 1st 89lb 9oz 2nd 79lb 6oz 3rd 76lb 12oz

15th May 2018 1st 93 lb 14oz 2nd 69lb 10oz 3rd 58lb

19th May 2018 1st 125lb 2nd 117lb 10oz 3rd 93lb 6oz

28th May 2018 1st 152lb 8oz 2nd 127lb 10oz 3rd 122lb 6oz

12th June 2018 1st 168lb 12oz 2nd 99lb 10oz 3rd 98lb 11oz

16th June 2018 1st 117lb 6oz 2nd 114lb 3rd 108lb 15oz

10th July 2018 1st 185lb 10oz 2nd 118lb 6oz 3rd 112lb 4oz

28th July 2018 1st 349lb 12oz 2nd 122lb 10oz 3rd 117lb 12oz

14th August 2018 1st 247lb 10oz 2nd 169lb 2oz 3rd 127lb 2oz

18th August 2018 1st 330lb 12oz 2nd 168lb 8oz 3rd 127lb 2oz

27th August 2018 1st 306lb 14oz 2nd 192 lb 8 oz 3rd 129lb 12oz

11 September 2018 1st 302lb 2nd 119lb 8oz 3rd 117lb 2oz

6th October 2018 1st 144lb 14oz 2nd 130lb 10oz 3rd 129lb 2oz

16th October 2018 1st 177lb 2nd 100lb 10 oz 3rd 100lb 2oz

3rd November 2018 1st 131lb 8oz 2nd 96lb 8oz 3rd 69lb 3oz

4th June 2019 1st 36lb 14oz 2nd 23lb 6oz 3rd 22lb 12oz 


9th september 2012 1st 38lb 12oz 2nd 36lb 8oz 3rd 35lb 6oz

8th september 2013 1st 46lb 14oz 2nd 43lb 4oz 3rd 31lb 14oz

23rd march 2014 4st 25lb 8oz 2nd 20lb 4oz 3rd 11lb 7oz

7th september 2014 1st 70lb 12oz 2nd 48lb 3rd 46lb 8oz

12th october 2014 1st 84lb 14oz 2nd 32lb 3oz 3rd 29lb 10oz

26th october 2014 1st 45lb 14oz 2nd 37lb 3rd 28lb 12oz

22nd march 2015 1st 42lb 2oz 2nd 28lb 10oz 3rd 27lb 10oz

6th september 2015 1st 58lb 8oz 2nd 55lb 10oz 3rd 42lb 5oz

17th september 2015 1st 79lb 2oz 2nd 68lb 4oz 3rd 47lb

25th october 2015 1st 45lb 14oz 2nd 35lb 8oz 3rd 32lb 12oz

20th March 2016 1st 68lb 4oz 2nd 44lb 5oz 3rd 33lb 2oz

26th may 2016 1st 85lb 12oz 2nd 59lb 12 oz 3rd 55lb 4 oz

7th July 1016 1st 76lb8oz 2nd 57lb 2oz 3rd 57lb

15th September 2016 1st 62lb 12oz 2nd 53lb 3rd 49lb 8oz

23rd October 2016 1st 64lb 14oz 2nd 62lb 3rd 38lb 7oz

19th March 2017 1st 57lb 8oz 2nd. 46lb 12oz 3rd 37lb 8oz

25th may 2017 1st 92lb 8oz 2nd 60lb 12oz 3rd 58lb 8oz

22nd October 2017 1st 74lb 2oz 2nd 73lb 3rd 72lb 2oz

18th March 2018 1st 50lb 8oz 2nd 33lb 12oz 3rd 26lb

13th September 2018 1st 136lb 6oz 2nd 123lb 6oz 3rd 101lb 8oz

21st October 2018 1st 86lb 6 oz 2nd 62lb 14oz 3rd 59lb 4oz

23rd May 2019 club did not show 

14th June 2020 1st 23lb 10oz 2nd 18lb 8oz 3rd 16lb 8oz

2nd July 2020 1st 26lb 8oz 2nd 24lb 10oz 3rd 24lb 

30th August 2020 1st 18lb 8oz 2nd 17lb 3rd 13lb 8oz 

10th September 2020 1st 18lb 8oz 2nd 13lb 12oz 3rd 12lb 4oz 

18th October 2020 1st 23lb 14oz 2nd 15lb 8oz 3rd 8lb 10oz 

20th May 2021 1st 35lb 8oz 2nd 23lb 6oz 3rd 19lb 2oz 

13th June 2021 1st 40lb 2nd 37lb 10oz 3rd 37lb 8oz 

1st July 2021 1st 39lb 2nd 36lb 2oz 3rd 28lb 14oz 

29th August 2021 1st 37lb 8oz 2nd 33lb 8oz 3rd 32lb 12oz 

9th September 2021 1st 43lb 10oz 2nd 42lb 6oz 3rd 42lb 4oz 

17th October 2021 1st 33lb 2nd 22lb 10oz 3rd 19lb 14oz 

21st october 2021 1st 52lb 9oz 2nd 42lb 14oz 3rd 28lb 2oz 

19th May 2022 1st 42lb 4oz 2nd 39lb 9oz 32lb 10o

12th June 2022 1st 34lb 2nd 31lb 10oz 3rd 28lb 4oz 

30th June 1st 46lb 6oz 2nd 40lb 8oz 3rd 32lb 2oz 

28th August 2022 1st 48lb 10oz 48lb 3rd 38lb 8oz 

8th September 2022 1st 49lb 2oz 2nd 37lb 4oz 3rd 33lb 6oz 

6th october 2022 1st 36lb 2nd 33lb 8oz 3rd 28lb 2oz 

16th october 2022 1st 64lb 4oz 2nd 29lb 14oz 3rd 23lb 8oz 

20th october 2022 1st 38lb 2nd 30lb 3rd 26lb 6oz

2nd April 2023 1st 25lb 4oz 2nd 22lb 2oz 3rd 15lb 12oz 

19th May 2023 1st 52lb 4oz 2nd 43lb 14oz 3rd 43lb 8oz 

11th June 20231st 36lb 10oz 2nd 32lb 5oz 3rd 32lb 2oz

29th June 2023 1st 55lb 8oz 2nd 42lb 3rd 30lb 14oz 


19th september 2013 1st 61lb 2nd 50lb 6oz 36lb 8oz

29th may 2014 1st 55lb 10oz 2nd 41lb 6oz 3rd 37lb

10th july 2014 1st 95lb 6oz 2nd 67lb 2oz 3rd 56lb 14oz

18th september 2014 1st 59lb 4oz 2nd 52lb 8oz 3rd 36lb

22nd may 2015 1st 68lb 4oz 2nd 39lb 3rd 36lb 4oz

9th july 2015 1st 98lb 8oz 2nd 82lb 2oz 3rd 62lb 4oz

6th July 2017 1st 109lb 4oz 2nd 72lb 3rd 57lb

22nd October 2017 1st 174lb 2nd 80lb 4oz 3rd 79lb

24th May 2018 1st 124lb 12oz 2nd 104lb 8oz 3rd 45lb 12oz

5th July 2018 1st 104 lb 8oz 2nd 100lb 3rd 84lb

2nd September 2018 1st 89lb 2oz 74lb 4oz 3rd 69lb 8oz 


24th march 2013 1st 3lb 8oz 2nd 2lb 4oz 3rd 6oz

11th may 2014 1st 41lb 9oz 2nd 26lb 7oz 3rd 12lb 3oz

19th november 2014 1st 72lb 12oz 2nd 42lb 8oz 3rd 32lb 14oz

22nd febuary 2015 1st 36lb 5oz 2nd 17lb 3oz 3rd 15lb 6oz

1st november 2015 1st 88lb 14oz 2nd 63lb 6oz 3rd 56lb 12oz

28th Febuary 2016 1st 60lb 7oz 2nd 35lb 2oz 3rd 32lb 3oz

30th October 2016 1st 70 lb 8oz 2nd 48lb 1oz 3rd 43lb 3oz

26th Febuary 2017 1st 35lb 1oz 2nd 34lb 10oz 3rd 27 lb 8oz

17th September 2017 1st 186lb 8oz 2nd 47lb 4oz 3rd 36lb 8oz

29th October 2017 1st 58lb 8oz 2nd 49lb 12oz 3rd 31lb 14oz

25th Febuary 2018 1st 66lb 4oz 2nd 22lb 6oz 3rd 19lb 8oz

16th September 2018 1st 169lb 10oz 2nd 53lb 3rd 50lb 12oz

28th October 2018 1st 42lb 8oz 2nd 41lb 8oz 3rd 29 lb 

23rd February 2020 1st 35lb 14oz 2nd 26lb 2oz 3rd 23lb 2oz 

13th september 2020 1st 28lb 2oz 2nd 23lb 8oz 3rd 18lb 10oz

25th october 2020 1st 44lb 6oz 2nd 34lb 12oz 3rd 17lb 10oz

11th September 2021 1st 39lb 2nd 31lb 8oz 3rd 27lb 4oz 

24th October 2021 1st 33lb 8oz 2nd 19lb 4oz 3rd 14lb 14oz 

20th Febuary 2022 1st 43lb 12oz 2nd 22lb 10oz 3rd 18lb 4oz

19th Febuary 2023 1st 29lb 2oz 2nd 15lb 10oz 3rd 14lb 10oz 


14th april 2013 1st 49lb 14oz 2nd 31lb 2oz 3rd 26lb 14oz

23rd june 2013 1st 66lb 12oz 2nd 38lb 11oz 3rd 35lb 4oz

9th march 2014 1st 41lb 11oz 2nd 34lb 11oz 3rd 19lb 4oz

6th july 2014 1st 125lb 2nd 90lb 8oz 3rd 85lb 13oz

15th march 2015 1st 48lb 10oz 2nd 32lb 11oz 3rd 28lb

10th may 2015 1st 85lb 4oz 2nd 71lb 12oz 3rd 58lb 4oz 12oz 

8th november 2015 1st 67lb 4oz 2nd 56lb 8oz 3rd 44lb 10oz

13th March 2016 1st 37lb 8oz 2nd 35lb 12oz 3rd 28lb 8oz

1st may 2016 1st 89lb 2oz 2nd 52lb 2oz 24lb 12oz

13 November 2016 1st 64 lb 11oz 2nd 46lb 7oz 3rd 42lb 15oz

12th March 2017 1st 100lb 2nd 67lb 3oz 3rd 49lb 6oz

12th March 2017 1st 100lb 2nd 67lb 3oz 3rd 49lb 6oz

30th April 2017 1st 105lb 6oz 2nd 63lb 3rd 54lb 13oz

11th March 2018 1st 42lb 8oz 2nd 42lb 6oz 3rd 30lb 4oz

29th April 2018 1st 59lb 6oz 2nd 52lb 6oz 3rd 42lb 10oz

11th November 2018 127lb 2nd 67lb 12oz 3rd 58lb 6oz

28th April 2019 1st 26lb 2oz 2nd 23lb 2oz 3rd 18lb 4oz 

6th September 2020 1st 34lb 14oz 2nd 29lb 8oz 3rd 15lb 8oz 

5th septmber 2021 1st 54lb 12oz 2nd 47lb 8oz 3rd 17lb

5th September 2022 1st 69lb 2oz 2nd 42lb 1oz 3rd 32lb 13oz 


4th may 2013 1st 27lb 4oz 2nd 23lb 3rd 17lb

19th april 2014 1st 67lb 2nd 41lb 8oz 3rd 39lb 12oz

14th june 2014 1st 151lb 12oz 2nd 64lb 10oz 3rd 54lb 


5th may 2013 1st 31lb 12oz 2nd 29lb 1oz 3rd 28lb 48lb 14oz

25th august 2013 1st 54lb 13oz 2nd 52lb 2oz 3rd 50lb

4th may 2014 1st 70lb 6oz 2nd 59lb 5oz 3rd 49lb

24th august 2014 1st 178lb 9oz 2nd 101lb 14oz 3rd 94lb 15oz

3rd may 2015 1st 83lb 14oz 2nd 78lb 3rd 71lb 12oz

23rd august 2015 1st 106lb 4oz 2nd 99lb 14oz 3rd 92lb 3oz

7th January 2016 1st 72lb 8oz 2nd 53lb 4oz 3rd 47lb 14oz

5th January 2017 1st 26lb 2nd 23lb 4oz 3rd 15lb

21st may 2017 1st 149lb 2oz 2nd 80lb 3rd 79lb

19th November 2017 65lb 15oz 2nd 65lb 3lb 42lb 12oz

4th Febuary 2018 1st 67lb 12oz 2nd 53lb 14oz 3rd 45lb 14oz

15th July 2018 1st 77lb 2nd 76lb 2oz 3rd 73lb 9oz

23td September 2018 1st 141lb 2oz 2nd 129lb 8oz 3rd 76lb 2oz

18th November 2018 1st 99lb 2oz 2nd 57lb 3rd 36lb 2oz

19th May 2019 1st 42lb 12oz 2nd 27lb 6oz 3rd 22lb 9oz 

2nd February 2019 1st 36lb 12oz 2nd 31lb 4oz 3rd 20lb 8oz 

20th September 2020 1st 35lb 12oz 2nd 26lb 8oz 3rd 16lb

16th May 2021 1st 34lb 12oz 2nd 33lb 12oz 3rd 33lb 12oz 

22nd August 2021 1st 84lb 12oz 2nd 64lb 8oz 3rd 39lb 2oz 

6th Febuary 2022 1st 50lb 2oz 2nd 35lb 3rd 30lb 12oz 

15th May 2022 1st 49lb 10oz 2nd 37lb 6oz 3rd 28lb 12oz 

10th July 2022 1st 84lb 10oz 2nd 30lb 12oz 3rd 30lb 10oz 

21st August 2022 1st 61lb 8oz 2nd 54lb 10oz 3rd 40lb 11oz 

13th november 2022 1st 39lb 12oz 2nd 29lb 4 oz 3rd 26lb 12 oz 

5th Febuary 2023 1st 14lb 10oz 2nd 12lb 8oz 3rd 12lb 6oz 

19th march 2023 1st 47lb 2nd 30lb 9oz 3rd 23lb 8oz

14th May 2023 1st 47lb 6oz 2nd 36lb 4oz 3rd 33lb 8oz 

9th July 2023 1st 70lb 12oz 2nd 41lb 6oz 3rd 38lb 8oz


13th october 2013 1st 55lb 4oz 2nd 20lb 12oz 3rd 20lb 4oz

19th january 2014 silver fish only 1st 4lb 10oz 2nd 4lb 4oz 3rd 3lb 15oz

23rd august 2014 104lb 2oz 2nd 67lb 2oz 3rd 42lb 14oz

23rd november 2014 silver fish 1st 13lb 8oz 2nd 1lb 3rd 10lb 8oz overall 1st 52lb 1oz 2nd 48lb 2oz 3rd 44lb 12oz

25th january 2015 silver fish 1st 5lb 10oz 2nd 2lb 6oz 3rd 1lb 8oz overall 1st 20lb 14oz 2nd 15lb 2oz 3rd 6lb 8oz

30th may 2015 1st 79lb 7oz 2nd 65lb 10oz 3rd 54lb 14oz

29th november 2015 1st 34lb 10oz 2nd 27lb 3rd 15lb 8oz 


21st june 2014 1st Liam 81lb 6oz Barry 62lb 4oz (gave up place) 2nd Paul 52lb 8oz 3rd Bert 38lb 10 oz

12th september 1st liam 82lb 10oz barry 48lb 4oz (gave up place) 2nd martin 47lb 2oz joe 20lb 6oz (gave up place ) 3rd donnacha 19lb 12oz

10th September 1st Barry 78lb 3oz 2nd Liam 60lb 8oz 3rd Steve 29lb 1oz 


10th november 2013 1st 12lb 2oz 2nd 11lb 3rd 7lb 12oz

5th april 2015 59lb 5oz 2nd 56lb 5oz 3rd 47lb

5th july 2015 171lb 10oz 2nd 127lb 6oz 3rd 125lb 12oz

2nd July 2016 1st 126lb 4oz 2nd 86lb 6oz 3rd 79lb 12oz

10th June 2017 1st 126lb 2oz 2nd 110lb 2oz 3rd 103 lb 14oz

9th June 2018 1st 59lb 3oz 2nd 54lb 6oz 3rd 15lb 7oz 

9th Aughust 2020 1st 33lb 2nd 132lb 8oz 3rd 12lb 12oz 

11th October 2020 1st 26lb 4oz 2nd 14lb 12oz 3rd 13lb 8oz 

2nd April 2021 1st 15lb 10oz 2nd 15lb 3rd 14lb 12oz 

8th August 2021 1st 55lb 8oz 2nd 45lb 3rd 31lb 14oz 

10th October 2021 1st 24lb 2nd 20lb 8oz 3rd 20lb 4oz 

9th January 2022 1st 62lb 13oz 2nd 28lb 14oz 3rd 25lb

7th August 2022 1st 45lb 7oz 2nd 35lb 3oz 3rd 25lb 

4 December 2022 1st 31lb 2nd 30lb 3rd 2lb 10z 

8th january 2022 1st 11lb 2 oz 2nd 11lb 3rd 9lb 4 oz 

26th march 2023  1st 32lb 14oz 2nd 22lb 8oz 3rd 21lb 4oz 

6th August 2023 1st 45lb 6oz 2nd 38lb 2oz 3rd 33lb 6oz 


13th april 2014 1st 26lb 6oz 2nd 25lb 14oz 3rd 24lb 4oz

26th april 2015 1st 60lb 2nd 49lb 3rd 46lb 2oz

11th october 2015 1st 30lb 8oz 2nd 29lb 8oz 3rd 28lb

17th July 2016 1st 72lb 12oz 2nd 48lb 8oz 3rd 38lb 10oz

25th September 2016 1st 54lb 2nd 38lb 8oz 3rd 11lb 


28th may 2014 1st 56lb 8oz 2nd 54lb 4oz 3rd 47lb 12oz

3rd june 2015 1st 70lb 8oz 2nd 69lb 14oz 3rd 64lb 10oz

8th july 2015 1st 64lb 10oz 2nd 63lb 14oz 3rd 52lb 14oz

9th september 2015 1st 77lb 3oz 2nd 60lb 12oz 3rd 53lb 4oz

23rd March 2016 1st 45lb 12oz 2nd 45lb 4oz 3rd 36lb 10oz

6th July 2016 1sr 81lb 2nd 70lb 3rd 63lb 7oz

6th September 2016 1st 99lb 9oz 2nd 82lb 2oz 3rd 72lb

7th September 2016 1st 97lb 14oz 2nd 91lb 2oz 3rd 78lb 14oz

24 th September 2016 1st 108lb 14 oz 2nd 38lb 15oz 3rd 33lb 14oz

15th November 2016 1st 72lb 7oz 2nd 64lb 14oz 3rd 43lb 6oz

16th November 2016 1st 83lb 12oz 2nd 66lb 3rd 56lb 1oz

28th December 2016 1st 22lb 2nd 21lb 14oz 3rd 20lb 6oz

21st March 2017 1st 55lb 7oz 2nd 48lb 6oz 3rd 34lb 10oz

22nd March 2017 1st 52lb 14oz 2nd 52lb 13oz 3rd 34lb 14oz

30th may 2017 1st 126lb 4oz 2nd 114lb 2oz 3rd 86lb 3oz

31st may 2017 1st 89lb 3oz 2nd 75lb 3rd 72lb 11oz

4th June 2017 1st 159lb 2oz 2nd 122lb 5oz 3rd 97lb 4oz

5th June 2017 1st 97lb 2oz 2nd 92lb 12oz 3rd 85lb 13oz

19th August 2017 1st 148lb 3oz 2nd 127lb 4oz 3rd 75lb 8oz

23rd September 2017 1st 180lb 6oz 2nd 107lb 8oz 3rd 81lb

14th November 2017 1st 48lb 8oz 2nd 47lb 4oz 3rd 46lb 11oz

15th November 2017 1st 106lb 15oz 2nd 70lb 14oz 3rd 68lb 13oz

13th January 2018 1st 51lb 8oz 2nd 34lb 10oz 3rd 14lb 8oz

17th March 2018 1st 30lb 15oz 2nd 30lb 12oz 3rd 18lb 10oz

20th March 2018 1st 89lb 11oz 2nd 60lb 8oz 3rd 56lb 6oz

21st March 2018 1st 96lb 12oz 2nd 72lb 6oz 3rd 67lb 10oz

29th May 2018 1st 131lb 13oz 2nd 118lb 2oz 3rd 103lb 6oz

30th May 2018 1st 98lb 14oz 2nd 97lb 12oz 3rd 81lb 10oz

23rd June 2018 1st 125lb 2nd 91lb 8oz 3rd 90lb 8oz

3rd July 2018 1st 119lb 10oz 2nd 111lb 8oz 3rd 100lb 12oz

4th July 2018 1sr 124lb 4oz 2nd 123lb 4oz 3rd 97lb 14oz

11th August 2018 1st 142lb 2nd 134lb 3rd 128lb

28th August 2018 1st 177lb 2nd 135lb 6oz 3rd 129lb 12oz

29th August 2018 1st 99lb 2nd 92lb 13oz 3rd 85lb 13oz

29th September 2018 1st 155lb 12oz 2nd 129lb 4oz 3rd 120lb

20th October 2018 1st 119lb 2nd 85lb 6oz 3rd 76lb 2oz

13th November 2018 1st 85lb 6oz 2nd 82lb 10oz

14th November 2018 1st 75lb 2nd 51lb 10oz 3rd 32lb

11May2019 club cancelled

28th May 2019 club cancelled

29th May 2019 club cancelled 

7th october 2020  1st 31lb 2nd 21lb 10oz 3rd 16lb 14oz

9th June 2021 1st 43lb 2oz 2nd 22lb 4oz 3rd 18lb 14oz 

1st June 2022 1st 38lb  2nd 22lb 12oz 3rd 22lb 4oz 

31st May 2023 1st 67lb 8oz 2nd 55lb 9oz 3rd 45lb 6oz 


3rd aughust 2014 1st 102lb 4oz 2nd 55lb 2oz 3rd 50lb 8oz

17th may 2014 1st 72lb 14oz 2nd 62lb 8oz 3rd 48lb 14oz

30th august 2015 1st 64lb 2nd 60lb 8oz 3rd 60lb

10th January 2016 1st 30lb 2oz 2nd 28lb 14oz 3rd 22lb 14oz

15th may 2016 1st 73lb 14oz 2nd 64lb 3oz 3rd 61 lb 3oz

7th August 1016 1st 117lb 14 oz 2nd 79lb 8oz 3rd 75lb 8oz